Quiz app

Level: MediumDepartments: iOS, Android, Flutter, W
Imagine you're attending courses, preparing for your final exams. A typical scenario: every day, the instructor hands out paper articles and tests. And each time, they have to spend time searching, printing, and grading the results. It's a routine task that takes up a whole day.
One day, you had an idea - why not simplify all this with an app? That's how Quizum was born. It's a mobile application that makes the learning process easy and enjoyable. Instead of old-fashioned teaching methods, we have articles and quizzes. For students looking to improve their knowledge and teachers seeking new teaching tools.

In the modern world, traditional methods of gathering content and conducting tests can sometimes be inconvenient. Manual paper handling creates difficulties. Quizum helps streamline this process, making education accessible and engaging for everyone.
And there's another plus - Quizum is eco-friendly. We can use less paper, helping reduce waste. Every quiz, every article - a step towards a better world!

And so, the professor was inspired by the idea. He became an investor in the project, and now you, along with friends and developers, are creating Quizum. Your task is to develop the mobile application in two weeks, so as not to let the team down.